The American Gradual

arranged and adapted by Bruce Ford

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Most of the chants below are adapted from the editions of the chant from Gregor und Taube; chants marked “unrevised” are adapted from the Solesmes editions.

The chants are organized here per the Roman liturgical calendar. A future revision of this site will organize them for the Episcopal calendar as well as the Roman.

Temporal Cycle

Sanctoral Cycle

Ritual Masses and Miscellanea

Four-line notation

A project is underway (courtesy of Richard Chonak) to convert these chants to four-line notation. The chants converted thus far are available here.

1 No chants for Christmas Eve nor dawn

This collection copyright © 2001 and 2008 by Bruce E. Ford. All rights reserved. Local churches and individuals may photocopy this work or parts thereof for their own use, provided that they include proper attribution and notice of copyright. Copies may not be sold.